Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Junior Worlds, Moscow first impressions

We arrived at Moscow's Southern Airport at roughly 9pm. All went smoothly with all the arriving on our flight and in seemingly good condition. When it came to clearing customs we had our passports checked then walked onto the streets of Moscow (Mockba).

We arrived at our temporary accommodation until we can put in our hotel for the rest of our trip. We are staying at the Russian Equivalent of the A.I.S. We were served by an emotionless presumably ex- soviet union discus champion whom was very amused by the dubbed over cartoons on the office television.

We disembarked for our quarters, I am rooming with the Ethan the terrible and Speed G-Racer. The T.V. was turned on to find that low and behold there was the All Blacks vs. Springboks on. It provided a link back to home which made this alien conceptual land a little bit more human. The language when written looks like eclectic mix of English, Chinese and Arabic. This makes reading the language a tad difficult but actually is easier to interperat when there is a reference e.g. Coca Cola slogans next to the logo.

Breakfast was better than I expected, a Bacon/Egg pie, a sausage, jam and quark which didn't look too good but actually tasted pretty good. After looking at all the photos of Athletes who have stayed here at the 'Russian Institute of Sport' there is a long list of past Olympics Champions, current World Champions and all time greats of the Sporting Arena.

Russian Road rules: Who dares wins essentially! No give way rules, cars overtaking in single lanes with lots of on-coming traffic. Heaps of broken down cars on the side of the roads here. Its quite strange as they are just left there and not towed away so there are heaps kicking around.

THE TRACK, is ridiculous. Unfortunately a Greek rider had a slide of the TP, Michael Vink hit the deck and has a suspected broken knee or ligament so unfortunately it may be the end of his campaign.

Am now at the Hotel Velotrek, where there is internet, YAY! Its smells and looks like Nana's house from the inside so must have the same air freshener. Second day on the track was good, no crash. (Michael only required stitches, but a sympathy ride may not happen but we will wait and see). All the Aussies were at the Track so was good to catch up with those guys.

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